The Core CRM Pro implements a simple, easy-to-use style of recurring events by default. In order to set an event as a recurring event, please perform the following steps: 

1) Open the Event dialog by creating a new event or editing an existing event 
2) Click the “Recurring” checkbox to mark the event as a recurring event 
3) Choose a recurrence frequency (e.g. “Every Week”) 
4) Choose a recurrence end date in the future 
5) Click the “Save” button 

This will automatically generate event entries for each applicable recurrence point. For example, if the event’s start date is on 10/01/2020, the event is set to recur every week, and the end date is set for 11/01/2020, then there will be events created for the following dates: 

      - 10/01/2020 
      - 10/08/2020 
      - 10/15/2020 
      - 10/22/2020 
      - 10/29/2020 


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