CODE: -2147417851
SEVERITY: Exception
MESSAGE: Message:The server threw an exception.Source:(null)Desc:(null)


If you receive the error code above when using the FM Books Connector, it could indicate that there's an internal error occurred in QuickBooks. This can occur intermittently for no apparent reason, although it has been observed to occur after installing QuickBooks updates, upgrading to a new version of QuickBooks, or other actions that affect the company file.
The solution is to work around the issue. Try the following steps:
·    Simply try running the sync again.
If problem persists:
·    Restart QuickBooks and try again.

If those both fail, clear out the registration certificate and try registering and connecting again.
To clear the plug-in registration certificate, do these steps:

1)            Exit your FileMaker application
2)            Go to: C:\Users\<< your user name>>\AppData\Local\PCINC
3)            Look for the folder called “FMBCONNECT”
4)            Delete that folder
5)            Open the demo file and try registering the plug-in