The Google API sets a limitation on the number of requests that can be submitted to its services on a per-day and per-minute basis. Quotas are split between the different services; there are separate quotas for Google Contacts, Gmail, Calendar, and Tasks. This limitation is fairly generous, however these quotas are linked to all communication that is performed by the gManipulator plug-in, which affects any and all customers utilizing the plug-in.

If this error occurs, there can be multiple reasons; one reason is that there have been too many requests made to a given service within the span of a set number of seconds, and the other reason is that too many requests have been made to a given service within the span of a day. The table below outlines the default quota for each of the four services that gManipulator communicates with.


For example, for the Calendar API, the gManipulator plug-in is able to submit up to one million requests (push or pull) per day, with no more than five hundred requests submitted per 100 seconds per authenticated user account.

If you encounter a Quota Exceeded error, determine it to be a daily quota instead of a per-100-seconds quota, and require more requests to be submitted, please email us at and inform us which service you experienced the error message for (e.g. if you were sending an email, or pulling calendar events, etc.). We will request for Google to expand the quota limit and will inform you via email as soon as the quota has been increased.