In certain cases, Outlook Manipulator may return an error “80040155” (“Unknown MAPI Error” or “Interface Not Registered”) result when calling PCEM_Authenticate( username ; password ).

The following fix has been provided for the plug-in:

‣ Ensure that FileMaker and Outlook are both closed.

‣ Right-click on the FileMaker application and select “Run as Administrator.” (In Windows 7, 8, or 10, you may need to right-click on FileMaker within the first pop-up box to see “Run as Administrator”)

‣ Allow FileMaker to run with the administrator elevated privileges.

‣ Once FileMaker has completed loading, close and reopen FileMaker as normal.

‣ Optionally, you may reopen Outlook if your solution requires Outlook to be open.

‣ This fix will make a modification to the Windows Registry to ensure that the communication interface the plug-in uses to talk to Outlook is properly set up.

The changes will only work if FileMaker runs in “administrator” mode. Once FileMaker has been run with these elevated permissions for the first time, the fix will be set and any further calls to PCEM_Authenticate, whether FileMaker is running in standard or administrator mode, will have the proper communication interface set up for it.