Error 80040412 in FM Books Connector indicates that “you cannot make multiple successive calls to the OpenConnection method. Call CloseConnection before calling OpenConnection again.” It would be best to completely quit out of FileMaker and QuickBooks to start fresh and get to the root of the issue. Please also ensure that the “QBW32” process and the “FileMaker” process have been terminated. You can confirm this by opening up the Task Manager, selecting the “Processes” tab and selecting the “Image Name” to sort the image names in alphabetical order. You want to ensure that the “QBW32” and “FileMaker” processes have been terminated.

Next, open the QuickBooks file with Admin access in single-user mode. Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences. Remove any and all listings of the FM Books Connector. Begin FileMaker and attempt to make the connection test again (Step 2 from our demo file).  If you receive any errors, please take a screenshot and send it over so we can assist you further.