If you receive this error, your system may be lacking the proper interface registration information required by the Outlook Manipulator plug-in to communicate with Outlook. Please try the following:

1)    Close FileMaker and Outlook
2)    Right-click on FileMaker
3)    Select “Run as Administrator”
           a.    If using Windows 7, 8 or 10, you might need to right-click on the application within the first popup box to get to “Run as Administrator”
4)    Allow the process to run as Administrator
5)    Once FileMaker is initialized and ready, close and re-open FileMaker normally
6)    Optionally, you can open Outlook if necessary

The fix will make a modification to the Windows Registry that will only happen once the process is run as Administrator for the first time.

It may also be the result of certain files (needed by the plug-in to communicate with Outlook) missing or not being installed properly.

If the above does not work, please try reinstalling Outlook and testing the plug-in again.