This error in Outlook Manipulator typically indicates that RPC, or Remote Procedure Call, which is required by Outlook to connect to the e-mail server is not configured properly.

Since our plug-in is dependent on specific registry keys in Outlook, then you might want to check the following:

1) Run a repair of Outlook. In Outlook 2003 this is known as a “Detect and Repair” and in Outlook 2007 or later this is known as a “System Diagnostic.”
2) Confirm that the Exchange Server is not also installed on this machine.
3) Check to ensure that your anti-virus is running properly and is not causing conflicts. You might even try to temporarily disable it and see if the error is still returned.
4) Check online resources for “RPC Server errors” as there are many other possible fixes you can check such as missing registry keys, network conflicts etc.

This error typically has to due with your environment set up and should be addressed your IT System Administrator.