We provide the following free documentation/assistance for the FM Books Connector:

1) Developer’s Guide - explains how QBs and FM “talk” to each other via Requests and Responses using FileMaker functions
2) Functions Guide - explains a detailed description of the functions and their use
3) FileMaker Demo File - shows how to push customers & invoices and pull customers, invoices & payments
4) Video tutorials - demonstrates how to push customers & invoices and pull a balance
5) Intuit’s OSR (Onscreen Reference Manual) - explained in the Quick Start Guide

Since it would be unrealistic to demonstrate how to push/pull each area in QBs such as Customers, Invoices, Jobs, Payments, Payroll, Time Tracking etc., we instead explain the concept of how to create the scripts and give examples. After you understand the concept of the script construction and how the data exchange functions then you have the tools to write your necessary scripts to any area in QBs you desire.

First I recommend reading the Developer’s Guide and using the OSR for your development. The OSR will provide you with all the available fields, filters and field order you will need to construct your scripts.

In our demo file we demo Customers, Invoices and Payments as these are typically the most common used QBs areas and are the easiest to start with to understand the concept of how to construct your scripts. However the construction and methodology can be applied to any area in QuickBooks.