This error typically occurs when you are trying to use a 32-bit plug-in with a 64-bit version of FileMaker. You can run FileMaker 14 in 32-bit mode, however starting with FileMaker 15 going forward, support for 32-bit mode has been dropped.

To run FileMaker 14 in 32 bit mode for Mac OS, do this:

1) Locate the FileMaker Pro 14 application icon in the Applications folder
2) Right-click the app icon and select the “Get Info” option
3) Enable the “Open in 32-bit mode” option
4) Close the FileMaker Pro Info window

Please note that there is a known issue when launching FileMaker from the Mac OS Dock.  When launched from the Dock FileMaker assumes it should be opened in 64-bit mode.  In order to run FileMaker in 32-bit mode, you will need to launch FileMaker directly from a FileMaker file (instead of using the Dock) in the application folder.