Over the last few days some customers have been receiving a "Certificate has been revoked" error from QuickBooks Desktop while using the FM Books Connector. This issue was not specific to the FM Books Connector plug-in or FileMaker. This is an issue with the Intuit QuickBooks products and their code-signing certificates (used for software security).

The issue has been resolved. 

However, we encourage you to download the latest version ( of FM Books Connector to stay up-to-date. However, some customers are successfully connecting with their current versions. 

Intuit recommends that users update their QuickBooks software


Below are additional details regarding the issue: According to the Intuit developer forum, their code-signing certificate(s) were revoked on 8/22/2023. (see post/thread below). 

Intuit Developer forum

Last updated 8/25/2023 8:20 am PT