In order to connect Core5 with QuickBooks, the FM Books Connector plug-in must first be installed. This can be done during the first time setup process or from the Core5 preferences at any time.

To install the plug-in from the preferences, open the Core5 preferences using the gear icon from any module.

1. Check the box on the Company Info tab labeled "Check this box if you intend to integrate the solution with QuickBooks".
2. Go to the QuickBooks Tab

3. Click the 'Install' button. You will be presented with a 10 second splash screen for the plug-in. This splash screen will go away once the plug-in is registered with a license purchased at Productive Computing, Inc.

4. Enter in your purchased FM Books Connector license in the field labeled "License ID" or leave in the existing Demo license. If for some reason, no Demo license is present, please contact Productive Computing, Inc. and we can provide you with a Demo license code.

5. Click the 'Register' button. If a valid license was entered, you will be presented with a dialog that says you have successfully registered the plug-in.

6. Open QuickBooks and your company file.

7. Click the "Test Connection" button. This will attempt to connect to your QuickBooks company file.

8. Open QuickBooks and follow the instructions to allow the FM Books Connector to communicate with QuickBooks.

9. Once allowed to communicate with Core5, the Core5 preferences will update to display some details about the version of QuickBooks it has connected with.

10. Core5 is now connected with your QuickBooks company file.