Core CRM Pro allows for management of inventory for items. To enable inventory management, navigate to the Preferences module and check the box labeled “Manage Inventory in FileMaker”. 

Item inventory quantity starts at 0 by default for newly created items. Quantities can be manually adjusted by clicking the “Adjust Qty” button in the Items module and specifying a positive or negative value, indicating how many items to add (positive) or remove (negative) from the current quantity. 

Item quantities can also be adjusted when handling invoices in the Sales module. After preparing an invoice, when the invoice is considered “ready” by your judgment, the inventory can be saved and applied to any linked line item by clicking the “Adjust Inventory” button. Line item quantities that are highlighted red indicate that they have not yet been committed to their related item’s inventory count, while line item quantities that are highlighted green indicate the inventory has been committed and properly adjusted. 

Please note that inventory management in Core CRM Pro is separate from inventory management in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online. Out of the box, any inventory quantities or workflows in QuickBooks will not translate to Core CRM Pro, and vice versa. This is, however, something that can be customized on a per-case basis. 


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